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Sky Dish

Freesat Satellite Dish

Sky Style dishes can be used not just for Sky Subscription but also free to air or Freesat standard mine dish, long last construction before replacing average life expedience 10 years before replacement. This satellite dishes very flexible can be fitted to the sidewall, chimney this would be a none standard install. Call for more information 01473 487 411
LNB for Satellite Dish

Hybrid LNB Satellite Dish

LNB which stands for low noise block, it picks the signal up and sends a low voltage to the satellite receiver. You can have multiroom connections from one LNB, As Sky brought out the new receiver Sky Q this stopped Freesat being used but there is a solution? Call us for more information, please. Phone 01473 487 411 so we can explain more.
Receiver Freesat Box

Freesat HD Receiver

Freesat has a complete range of receiver boxes, if you just want a standard single input box to receiver Freesat this will be called SD box, HD single input or recordable Freesat box. Just resonantly there is UHD. At the moment there are limited channels for this service. You can buy a TV with Freesat but it will not be recordable. 

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We are experts in Freesat Installations in Suffolk. Call us now 0800 464 7075  for same-day call out!
Freesat is a free-to-air digital satellite television established by the BBC and ITV.  It offers a subscription-free service you only have to pay for the box or Smart TV. The Freesat service offers many channels, including BBC One, ITV, Sky News, Dave and many more.
The choice of Freesat receiver boxes SD none recordable not HD,  Freesat+ plus HD a twin tuner you can watch one channel and record another at the same time.
New UHD Freesat boxes are known available, more information to be announced.
At Ipswich Aerials, we’ve been installing satellite television since the early 1970s but all of our skilled engineers have been doing it for more than 20 years, this means we can get you set up with a Freesat Installation even if your dish is hard to reach, or needs to be installed in a difficult to reach location. We are fully insured and trained in managing challenging fittings and can ensure the satellite dish is in a discrete area.
Freesat services require a digital satellite dish and Freesat enabled TV, or a box if your TV is not Freesat enabled.

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    Freesat Installations

    Freesat offers a wide range of free to air entertainment choices that are not available through other digital packages. No matter the package you are after, Ipswich Aerial Company can provide the satellite installation to match.
    Our team of satellite installers are incredibly familiar with the process of fitting and aligning a Freesat System. More often than not we will be able to install a satellite dish discreetly, or in a position that other companies are not trained or insured to do so. 
    We have many years of experience with Freesat installations that are hard-to-reach locations and our team will ensure you can get your satellite dish installed so you can start watching the latest programmes straight away.