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Sky Dish

Sky Satellite Dish

Sky Style dishes can be used not just for Sky Subscription but also free to air or Freesat standard mine dish, long last construction before replacing average life expedience 10 years before replacement. This satellite dishes very flexible can be fitted to the sidewall, chimney this would be a none standard install. Call for more information 01473 487 411.
Sky LNB Multi Input

Sky LNB Multi Input

LNB which stands for low noise block, it picks the signal up and sends a low voltage to the satellite receiver. You can have multiroom connections from one LNB, As Sky brought out the new receiver Sky Q this stopped Freesat being used but there is a solution? Call us for more information, please. Phone 01473 487 411 so we can explain more.

Sky Receiver Satellite Box

Sky HD & Q has a complete range of receiver boxes, if you just want a standard single input box to just receiver Sky this will be called SD box, HD single input or recordable Sky box. Just recently there is Q for UHD. At the moment there is limited channels for this service. You cannot buy a TV with Sky built in as this is a subscription service. 

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Do You Need a Sky HD or Q Installation Fitted!..

Sky tv is the ultimate subscription service which provides several bundle channel packages to suit your budget. Sky covers multi-channel entertainment of their own like Sky One, Sky Two, Sky News, Sky Sports, Sky Arts, Sky Documentary, Kids Channels, and many other specialist channels.
Sky also allows other broadcasting platforms BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, UK TV, and many other channels which are more specialist.
There is also music specialist channels like MTV, Now Music, Magic and many more. With all this bundled together into a beautiful intuitive EPG guide so you can find all the channel, you wish to watch or record.
Recording through the Sky box using the HD style box you be limited on only recording one channel while you watch another. With Sky Q you can watch one channel and recorded 6 other channel at the same time and have another repeater smaller box in another room without any additional wiring from the satellite dish.
Sky has taken to the next level by adding additional feature within the Skybox they have teamed up with Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and also allow you to access Sky massive database of movies.
There are times when you have decided to have Sky Installed and after waiting a couple of weeks to find there Sky engineer gives you the bad news.
At Ipswich Aerial Company we have no limitations on how your Sky dish needs to be installed if there is a height issue or obstruction due to tall trees or buildings. We have many years experiencing all there challenges and can achieve a result.

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    Sky Installations

    Before we start installing your new Shy HD or Q we will require from you the customer? you have the Sky Q box as we or any other independent company do not have access to this type of equipment only the Shy engineers have so you must ask the sky engineer to leave the box with you so we can then install your new sky q equipment.
    All are installation are covered with a 1-year guarantee, unfortunately, we cannot cover the box but the dish installation will be covered. Any question file out the enquiry form or call us.